replay (feat sean kingston)

replay (remix(feat flo rida))

replay (remix(feat rock city, sean kingston, bizzy bone, nipsey hussle))


So Big



take your breath away

heartbeat (album version)

heartbeat (non-album version)

do it like me (feat young diction)

trying to make it (feat young diction)

gimme little (feat young diction)

yagga town

shawty iz a skett

we get that money


in my streets

say u'll like my music

this life those me

talk what they want

there you are

stacy (preview)


look at me now



my eyes

ready or not

fight 4 u (feat ???)

eyes of the winner (feat ODB)

dancer (feat rock city)

go hard (feat rock city)

tortola (feat rock city)

And that is his songs ON HIS OWN, so far. if you'd like the other's he's done, head over to the FT'S page. ;)

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